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bur-juh n

1. to grow or develop quickly; flourish: 

2. to begin to grow, as a bud;

Training Philosophy

Burgeon Training is foundation training for EVERY discipline. The goal of our training is in the end to have a well rounded equine partner. It is also our goal in the end to supply owners with tools that will give them confidence to always have a plan when situations arise. If you are searching for a program to start your young horse then look no further. Burgeon Training brings over 12 years of experience backing horses of all breeds and disciplines. Introducing a rider to an unbroken horse is truly an art, one mastered over time and over many types of horses. Burgeon Training is constantly perfecting the recipe to produce amateur friendly, confident yet humble, happy horses. 

Testimonials & Reviews


"I highly recommend this talented trainer from starting young horses to training under saddle. Lisa and I spent many years working together as she was the primary trainer from foal training to backing under saddle. I was especially impressed with Lisa's skills with long lining (a lost art in my opinion) and credit the consistent and excellent contact the young horses displayed once ridden, setting the foundation for the future."

Erin L.

Andalusian Dressage Partners 


"I have learned to ride on really well trained horses at Burgeon Training (not your average burned out lesson pony).  I have booked a lesson almost every week and definitely keep learning new skills.  I knew some basics of riding but Lisa, as a dressage rider and jumper, knows the nuances that you cannot learn on your own.

Instead of spending your time in a lesson getting a horse to move, Lisa's horses have energy and response: 5 stars for continuing to build my confidence."

Lu B.

*Problem Solving

"Lisa is the 100% best at what she does. 

My 12 yr OTTB was having serious anxiety (violent and stubborn) with my straight load trailer. He would not get in no matter what we tried - food, positive reinforcement, extra hands. When we could get him in he would blow back, break butt bars and injure himself. 

Lisa worked with him patiently and at the end of one month he now self loads happily and stands like a gentleman in the trailer munching on hay until a verbal cue to back is given. 

Lisa not only helped him figure out that the trailer was not scary but also gave me the tools to continue to be successful when I took him of property. 

I cannot recommend her enough!"

Meredith L.


"I'm blown away by lisas talent with young horses, she is truly gifted! After only 10 days of training my horse is transforming from a intense nervous wreck into a relaxed and happy horse, I am so pleased with her approach and the results!"

Brian B.


"Lisa broke my young horse years ago helping him become a very solid citizen on the ground and under saddle. She was excellent then with the horses and their owners then, so I can only imagine how fantastic she must be now with even more great experience under her belt!"

Nicku B.

*Problem Solving

"Had a wonderful  experience with Lisa. She provided the support and expertise that I needed to give my 16.3 warmblood some much needed ground manors and gave me some tools to keep him in line. I highly recommend her training program."

Kathy F.


Lisa did 45 days of training for Shadow. I was so impressed and happy with the results! She did a great job teaching my fresh off the track tb how to function in a world off the track. Love her method and way with horses. Hoping to have her start my boys when the time comes. 

Brenda S.


"Lisa gets results. A real horse whisperer, her skills at ascertaining underlying issues with problem horses, knowledge and intuitiveness as regards training young horses, and ability to productively coordinate a dialogue between a client and their horse is impressive."

Carolyn O. 

CJO Sporthorse

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