Clinic Info

Clinics can be a very educational experience in becoming a better partner for your horse. Burgeon training offers half or whole day clinics centered around a verity of topics, helping with troubleshooting and enhancing performance. Please pick from the menu and contact us to set up dates and details.

Trailer Loading: (available for a whole or half day clinics, ground only) There are many types of trailer loading problems horses have with their people. But whether the problems are big or small, they can be resolved with techniques that get consistent results and that keep you and your horse safe. Learn tools that will resolve trailer loading issues for life or use the clinic to teach your young horse correctly from the beginning. Burgeon Training has extensive experience with every type of trailer loading issue.

Manners and Respect: (available for a whole or half day clinics, ground and riding available) Good manors are the foundation for having a positive experience in all aspects of life. This is no exception when it comes to how we handle our horses. But where do we start? What is acceptable? What is not? How do we communicate what we want? Learn guidelines that will help you and your horse to have better awareness of each others personal space. This variety of exercises will also teach horses to handle pressure and keep their cool while the unexpected arises. 

Handling Pressure: (available for a whole or half day clinics, ground and riding available) Many people aren't aware that there are exercises we can do with our horses to actually teach them to handle pressure better. These exercises can eliminate many problems some horses suffer with their whole lives. Problems like pulling back, lack of forward, bolting, bucking and other worrisome behavioral issues. Teaching horses to handle pressure is a skill that crosses all disciplines and can improve performance for trail horses or performance horses alike.

Custom Clinic: (available for whole or half day clinics, ground and riding available) If there is a specific topic you may want to focus on Burgeon Training can put together a specific outline to meet your needs and/or the needs of your clients.