Breaking & Young Horses


Burgeon Training specializes in starting horses under saddle. The first months under saddle can be some of the most critical months of a horses education. Lisa's philosophy and approach from day one slowly but surely introduces a level of confidence. Using exercises that teach horses to learn how to handle, accept and think through pressure in a controlled and constructive way.

long lining a young warmblood

 All to often young horses are broke by individuals sneaking around so as to avoid any stress or pressure. Burgeon Training takes every opportunity to create a learning experience out of every situation. Examples are trailer loading, tying & pull back, long lining, going forward under saddle, crossing obstacles and accepting tarp work. 

starting a young horse under saddle in the round pen.

Lisa's broad based clientele over the years has included various breeders both of Warmbloods and Spanish horses, trainers and personal owners alike. All clients recognizing the value of a good foundation. Lisa has an understanding of what the sport horse needs in their younger years and going forward. 

Problem Horses & Reschooling


 Over the years Lisa has created a reputation for resolving issues in horses that otherwise have proven unresolvable. Willing to go back to basics (with trained or older horses) mixed with the ability to always follow-through is the recipe for success! Many success stories have resulted from time spent with Burgeon Training whether it be trailer loading the unloadable, starting under saddle horses that otherwise were unridable or helping over-reactive horses find confidence.